If you want to create a loan request, go to “Requests” page 

Press [CREATE NEW REQUEST] button which is under the table. 

Fill in the fields with the necessary information. Choose LTV and Loan Duration values, which are convenient for you. 

Select the confirmation method (SMS or email), enter the code, and press [CREATE REQUEST] button. The request will be assigned the status Active and will be displayed on “My” tab. 

Now it's Lender's turn. He will see your request on the list of all active requests on “Available” tab and will be able to accept it.

If your REQUEST IS ACCEPTED, you will receive a message (SMS) about the loan. The status of the request will change to Completed and the DEAL will be created. You will see the deal terms on the page "MY DEALS".

You can edit your request unless it is not accepted by Lender. 

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