Your ROI (Return on Investment) depends not only on your APR (Lending percentage rate) but on the days your capital is working as well. Hence, to maximize your income, you need to think about both factors. Just think about it, every day your money is not working - you are losing money. 

To create a competitive offer we suggest you:

  1. Check all active offers, try to think why they are not funded? 
  2. Check all active requests, do you see the difference between the rates? To make a compelling offer, you need to position your offer somewhere in this.
  3. Think about the minimum & maximum amount, you can if you do not have any specific portfolio strategy, the more flexibility you give your borrowers - the better.
  4. The same goes for the min and max duration. The more options you give - the faster your offer will be taken.

And the last, but not least - check active offers from time to time, you need to be "in the market".

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